21 Meditations, 5-Minute Audio Recordings

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21 Audios
Julie Seibt
Julie Seibt
IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist

About the instructor

Becoming an internationally Certified Yoga Therapist felt like a natural progression from working in the yoga, fitness and wellness fields for 30 years. In these three decades, I’ve seen countless trends come and go. What I offer is not a trend; it is a practice for life with transformational results.

I've seen where most people get stuck, how we let injuries hold us back mentally and emotionally. Psychological, emotional and physical well-being is profoundly intertwined, like a beautiful, glistening web.

Sometimes life causes that web to tangle. My clients experience life-changing results as they learn how to gently care for that web. Sustainable strength, reduced pain and ease of being becomes the new normal.

The foundation of this well-being is self-care and learning to love.

You are in the right place to begin opening to vitality, radiance and the love you are. Welcome!

My Credentials:

International Association of Yoga Therapists; Certified Yoga Therapist

IRI Certified iRest® Teacher (meditation and more)

Certified Restorative Yoga Teacher

Certified Yoga Teacher

Yin Yoga teacher training

Asian Bio-energetic Therapist

Master Reiki Teacher


What others have been saying about this course:

Kajal Kapoor

A blessing

The Self-Care Challenge is a blessing for anyone who wants to do more of what they love, for longer in their life. Julie is a gifted teacher. Her gentleness and compassion infused the course with loving kindness as she skilfully guided us through ...

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